Fresh to death

20140811-125438.jpgSo I woke up thinking the day will be the same as always but to my surprise, thing went better that expected if I may say so myself.

Not that I’m bragging or what but damn, I gat it. Last night was one of those nights to remember. I won’t go into details but all I can tell you guys is that #Fuck with me you know I gat!…

DaPoet Covino
Over n out till next post. Keep it real n gangster yeah…

Faulty websites

So the national company registration website has faulty pages. To make thing even more worse, it is the registration pages with this issue. For one to register a company, they first have to register as a client on their web site.

Only after registering will they be able to go about with the registration process. But one how will one even get to that point if the site has this error on it. I think this is the reason why most individuals have decided to make it their business to facilitate the registration process and make money from it.

As it costs as little as R450 at some companies, where it only cost as little as R275 if one goes to their offices directly to complete to registration. Well if that is the case, I too will go to the offices… Halla back fellow bloggers.

Vaal’s Delight Presents Varsity Shut Down

The one night that we shall all remember!

Vaal's Delight (Covino Da Poet) at M-cafe

Varsity Shut Down @ M-Cafe

This coming Month end we shall be out and about at M-Cafe in Vanderbijl Park Vereeniging. The theme for the event is Hip Hop vs House.

On the Decks we have:

  • Ra-Za Ultra Tone
  • Zuko Kinger
  • Petjoza01
  • Puravida
  • Scotch
  • Covino Da Poet

This is the sequel to the Skirts & Capris events we had a few month back.

Entry is free for all except under 18 individuals and we gone set the lounge on fire!

Come through and ball with us and bring along your friend and their friends plus get them to call their friends to come with their other friends.

It it what it is and shall always be, it’s Vaal’s Delight, Lifestyle By Design

Westcovino Over and out!

Google Analytics

Certification for Google Analytics FundamentalsIn the month of October Google gave all web-masters a chance to learn the new Analytics dashboard design and tools. Google did so through a variety of mediums. The best part of it all was the Analytics Fundamentals certification.

For all those who knew about the test, good luck if you have not written the test and congratulations to those who have been certified by Google at this point.

I write this small text as i too took the test and as of this afternoon, i too am certified by Google.

I’m now waiting on the next test to come as i think there will be more to come. This test that i took was for the fundamentals of Google Analytics, so with that in mind there should be more tests to come. Anyway, when the time is right, Google will let us know so we may come again to write the test and get certified one more time. Till then ! Covino Da Poet is out!

Efficient website promotion

westcavinoI have learned a couple of important tips over the last few months in regard to promoting my website on the internet. So far I have been applying all the knowledge I have been gaining in relation to S.E.O. I mean the basic on-page signals that are over seen by most webmaster.  I dealt with the titles and descriptions for each page. The image “alt tags” and “Title tags” for all images on the site. Social signals for the top 3 social platforms available. And then I dealt with my internal linking strategy.  Also very important is the naming convention of my HTML files and images.

Now comes Back linking. Back Linking is by far very important for ranking on search engines and should be approached with caution. Always go for links that have value to add to your website and never go for links from websites that are not related to yours. No matter if you may be getting a link from a high PPR page. It will hurt your site in the long run.

Well that will be all for now! I will be back soon with another update on the issue.

It is what it is, it’s Vaal’s Delight – 016 – Lifestyle By Design.

West-cavino Rocking With the Legend

Westcavino the poetHello again guys, i am back again to inform you of my next gig alongside one of South Africa’s musical legends. This weekend Saturday the 03rd of August i will be playing at Nonosis’s Lounge along with the great Thebe on stage. My last event was with Mandoza and was a success. This time i am going all out. catch me on the decks later that night between 31:00 -02:00 pm.

I will be rolling along with my party mates  Nkosana ‘Scotch’ Buthelezi, Powell Sheldon Bvuma, Powell Sheldon Bvuma, Prakash Devenhuis and Godfrey Gfunk Adams to mentions a few.

It is what it is and shall always be:

Vaal’s Delight – 016

Life Style By Design

Deep Vocal House Session

If you were at Jika majika Sports Bar Friday the 28th of June, you would have noticed that the resident DJ only play for 30 minutes towards the end of the night. This was because management had given us a chance to come entertain their customer for the night. As far as I know there was a variety of DJ’s playing that night.

My set was scheduled for 9 pm to10 pm but due to the next DJ that was suppose to take over, I managed to plan an extra hour and hope history gets to repeat itself again. With that said, come join me at Jika majika Sports Bar for my next set. I’ll be playing you some deep vocal house jams that are guaranteed to get you in the mood for some sweet loving.

Remember, It is what it is, it’s Vaals Delight 016 House Music By Design