Fresh to death

20140811-125438.jpgSo I woke up thinking the day will be the same as always but to my surprise, thing went better that expected if I may say so myself.

Not that I’m bragging or what but damn, I gat it. Last night was one of those nights to remember. I won’t go into details but all I can tell you guys is that

#Fuck with me you know I gat!…

DaPoet Covino
Over n out till next post. Keep it real n gangster yeah…

Faulty websites

So the national company registration website has faulty pages. To make thing even more worse, it is the registration pages with this issue. For one to register a company, they first have to register as a client on their web site.

Only after registering will they be able to go about with the registration process. But one how will one even get to that point if the site has this error on it. I think this is the reason why most individuals have decided to make it their business to facilitate the registration process and make money from it.

As it costs as little as R450 at some companies, where it only cost as little as R275 if one goes to their offices directly to complete to registration. Well if that is the case, I too will go to the offices… Halla back fellow bloggers.