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Hello to all and  thank you once more for following my blog. It has been a while since i posted a blog on the site but will do so more frequently from now on. I have been very busy with work lately as it has been taking up most of my time.

But with all this said, i have good news to share with you. Recently i decided on getting a car. This is my first car and thus far it is the one i always wanted. I bought myself a 1987 VW Golf MK1. by the looks of it one would say it is the 2003 – 2007 velocity but it is not.

The car was given a make over and converted to the now MK1 look and feel on the outside, but in the inside it is still the original look and feel.

I don’t know much about the specs of the car but i can tell you this, the car has a 1.8l engine with Racing Cams and  exhaust system. Lowered suspension with support springs and a stabilizer bar for those horrible speed bumps. 17″ black and silver Rims and a massive sound system. the neighbors complain every day when i get home from work about the noise it makes….LOL

Any way, it has been real and feel good to have this new member in my family and will certainly be with me for a long time regarded the haters don’t steal my ride….Bitches.

Till next time….

Covino Da Poet

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Fresh to death

20140811-125438.jpgSo I woke up thinking the day will be the same as always but to my surprise, thing went better that expected if I may say so myself.

Not that I’m bragging or what but damn, I gat it. Last night was one of those nights to remember. I won’t go into details but all I can tell you guys is that

#Fuck with me you know I gat!…

DaPoet Covino
Over n out till next post. Keep it real n gangster yeah…